Welcome to the PTA area! We'll be uploading info about our plans, events and about WHY we need to raise vital funds for the school.

If you'd like to get involved, please get in touch. It's great fun and a chance to meet people and feel part of the community. You're not expected to make huge commitments of time or to commit for a full year - maybe you'd like to:

  • Be part of our events planning committees that change with every event
  • Behind the scenes in fundraising bids and new initiatives
  • Join us for meetings and contribute idea
  • Help out at events. (This is hugely valued and very much appreciated!)

Everyone has different skills and ideas to offer so please don't worry about what you can bring to the table - your enthusiasm is enough!

Earlier this month, at the Parents' Forum, Mrs Close spoke about the financial future of the school over the next 5 years. She outlined very clearly, that the Government cuts and changes to the Local Authority funding formulas, will have a significant detrimental impact on the future of Markland Hill.

It has never been more important to recognise that money raised by the PTA will be more and more crucial for operational costs within school rather than the non-essential extras that we have funded historically.

Our current fundraising drive is focused on ensuring the computing equipment in school is fit for curriculum teaching and learning. We are committed to funding the contract of laptops for another 2 years. We are also raising money to fund a new "trim trail" in the infants' playground, as the current equipment is, piece by piece, being declared unfit and unsafe.


If you would like more information about the PTA or would like to express an interest or idea for future fundraising, please feel free to get in touch.

There are several ways in which you can reach out to us:

  • We are usually around in the playground before and after school, and are always willing to chat! Please do come over, say hi and introduce yourself.
  • Email us at
  • Phone or text us – Sabrina 07927327520; Jo 07496244579

Who are we?

All parents and carers are automatically members of the PTA - we have a committee as we are a registered charity but EVERYONE is welcome to get involved! 


Sabrina Becket - Chair - mum to Molly in Maple 

Jo Scott - Vice Chair - mum to Rory in Pine and Rufus in Willow

Claire Dearing - Secretary - mum to Felix in Maple

Sarah Hunter - Treasurer - mum to Brogan in Willow


It's not ALL bad on the PTA! - thanks to The Blundell for hosting us!
It's not ALL bad on the PTA! - thanks to The Blundell for hosting us!