Welcome to our new Curriculum Year 2019-2020.

Curriculum year, 2018-2019

Governing Body Membership 2018/19


Meet your Governor Team

Your current Markland Hill Governors are: 

Chair - Simon Colvin

Louise Close

Susan Roberts

Nyree O'Neill

Karen Haslam

Anis Patel

Stephanie Hope

Ashraf Choksi

LA Clerk

Click on the names above to take you to a brief Governor profile - this page is in the process of being updated and we hope to have all profiles with you shortly 



Governors meet for a full meeting once per term. They also meet for termly sub-committee meetings. 

Our Governor sub-committees are: 

  • Teaching, Learning and Inclusion  
  • Finance, Personnel and Premises  

Please read our Governor Vision, which is set out below

Below you will also find our calendar of meetings and other information regarding our appointments and attendance at full governing body meetings and sub-committees

Please also keep an eye on the school Twitter account for Governor news and updates 


We are always happy to speak with parents about any matters concerning the school  

If you need to contact the Governors please contact the school office on 01204 332626

Alternatively, you may write to the Chair of Governors c/o Markland Hill School 

Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you require any guidance

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Governor Attendance Summer 2019

Governor Attendance Spring 2019

Governor Attendance Autumn 2018

Attendance at Governor Meetings Summer 2018

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