Aims and Ethos

Markland Hill Primary School is at the heart of the community.

We are committed to developing a learning environment which is:

  • Happy
  • Safe
  • Caring
  • Nurturing
  • Full of opportunities

Markland Hill is dedicated to pursuing excellence by implementing our agreed principles for learning;

  • Enabling children to feel safe and take risks in their learning
  • Providing a stimulating and well resourced learning environment
  • Developing and encouraging everyone at Markland Hill
  • Raising self – esteem and awareness of others
  • Encouraging respect
  • Ensuring high expectations for all learners

We aim to deliver an exciting and relevant curriculum through:

  • Excellent and enthusiastic teaching
  • Innovation
  • Encouraging reflection and thinking skills
  • Providing opportunities to broaden creativity and self worth
  • Celebrating achievements with each member of our school
  • Encouraging independent learning
  • Involving parents in the learning process
  • Ensuring that our core values are at the heart of our curriculum

Our Mission Statement reflects this:

Markland Hill School inspires all children to achieve their potential, preparing them for the future. The education, care and support offered and received is an amazing journey where love, trust and friendship is found. Everyone has a voice and everyone is listened to and heard.