Online Safety

At Markland Hill we take Online Safety very seriously. We ensure that it is taught often throughout the children’s Computing and PSHE sessions, as well as raising awareness during local and national E-Safety events. 

The Internet is a wonderful place where children can learn, talk, research, be creative and have fun. However, just as in the real world, children's safety needs to be considered. If you or your child is worried or upset about something which has happened on the Internet there is help and advice out there. Click CEOP 

In this section, you will find links to useful resources, websites and advice that we use in school to teach the message of how to stay safe online and how to cope when things do not feel quite right. 

What does OFSTED say…

  • Schools to work closely with all families to help them ensure that their children use new technologies safely and responsibly both at home and at school.
  • Schools to provide an age-related, comprehensive curriculum for e-safety that enables pupils to become safe and responsible users of new technologies.
  • Schools to systematically review and develop their e-safety procedures, including training, to ensure that they have a positive impact on pupils’ knowledge and understanding.


Online Safety @ Home 

Social Media Checklists for Parents...

*NEW* Among Us: a guide for parents 

*NEW* The Marie Collins Foundation advice for sexual abuse online 

*NEW* House Party important information for parents and children

*NEW* Top 10 tips for remote learning for parents 

*NEW* How to maintain good mental well-being during isolation  

Tik Tok: a guide for parents 

Digital Wellbeing - What is it? Advice for 3-7 and 7-11 year olds. 

Information for parents regarding the new app 'Yolo'

 Information for parents regarding the WhatsApp challenge 'Momo

'Snap maps' and location sharing in Snap chat 

Fortnite common sense media information for parents 

Roblox a guide for parents 

Roblox Privacy Settings 

Yellow or Yubo what is it and who is using it?

Information regarding Blue Whale Privacy Settings guide for parents information for parents from Safer Internet Centre

Pokemon Go advice for parents.pdf

Pokemon Go NSPCC website link 

Facebook Checklist.pdf

Twitter Checklist.pdf

Snapchat Checklist.pdf

Instagram Checklist.pdf

Oovoo Information for parents.pdf

WhatsApp privacy information.pdf  

YouTube Guide for Parents.pdf  

How to set up a child friendly YouTube channel for Parents

Is it okay for my child to have a YouTube channel? Guide for  Parents

KS1 & EYFS ESafety parents presentation.pptx

KS2 ESafety parents presentation.pptx



Conversation Starters for Parents SID  



Parent Further Help and Support 2020.pdf

Digital Parenting by Vodaphone 

CEOP youtube videos




Children's Resources

Click the links below to check out the resources we use in school.



ROAR E-Safety Resources - These are compatible with most devices.  

                     'Me Online' is suitable for whole school                        'Our Online World' more suitable for Year5 & Year6