School Council 

So just how are our House and Vice Captains chosen to represent each house? 

Each interested candidate must present a speech to the members of each house. Every member then votes for their chosen representative using a ballot - democracy in action!


Votes are then counted and the candidate with the most votes becomes a captain and the second most voted for candidate in each house is the vice captain. (In the event of a tie vote two members may oversee one post). 


Our chosen representatives are as follows:  

Dragons: Kiah, Sarmad and May

Phoenix: Ellis and Hanisa

Griffin: Charlotte, Ned and Amelia



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Cate Smith (Sycamore) Y5(a few years ago)

Wow School Council is really cool!! I love how they put all of their hard work into one job!! Brill!!

Ella(a few years ago)

Wow intresting page.

ELLA CRAVEN(a few years ago)

I liked it in school councel

Ella(a few years ago)

Enjoyed school council !

Ella(a few years ago)

This picture reminds me off school council !

Ella(a few years ago)

The new play eqwipment is fantastic !!!!!!!!!!