School Council 

So just how are our House and Vice Captains chosen to represent each house? 

Each interested candidate must present a speech to the members of each house. Every member then votes for their chosen representative using a ballot - democracy in action!


Votes are then counted and the candidate with the most votes becomes a captain and the second most voted for candidate in each house is the vice captain. (In the event of a tie vote two members may oversee one post). 

Check out the videos below and see who you would have voted for! 

Jamie's Speech for Dragons

Katelyn's Speech for Dragons

Hannah's Speech for Dragons

Martha's Speech for Dragons

Ayesha's Speech for Dragons

Alfie's Speech for Griffin

Jonak's Speech for Griffin

Guy's Speech for Griffin

Maya's Speech for Griffin

Krishan's Speech for Griffin

Isaac's Speech for Griffin

Marina's Speech for Phoenix

Josie's Speech for Phoenix

Jonathan's Speech for Phoenix

Amelie's Speech for Phoenix

Lydia's Speech for Phoenix


Our chosen representatives are as follows:  

Dragons:  Martha, Hannah & Jamie 

Griffin: Isaac,  Maya

Phoenix: Jonathan, Josie & Lydia



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Cate Smith (Sycamore) Y5(a few years ago)

Wow School Council is really cool!! I love how they put all of their hard work into one job!! Brill!!

Ella(a few years ago)

Wow intresting page.

ELLA CRAVEN(a few years ago)

I liked it in school councel

Ella(a few years ago)

Enjoyed school council !

Ella(a few years ago)

This picture reminds me off school council !

Ella(a few years ago)

The new play eqwipment is fantastic !!!!!!!!!!